Liam and you will Celia is the twins from Buffy Summer seasons and you can Angel

Liam and you will Celia is the twins from Buffy Summer seasons and you can Angel

jeremy is within the vehicles together with his moms and dads elena once they crash. he do handle losing their mothers because of the losing on the drugs alcoholic beverages and you can worthless gender with folks he cannot worry about. he is control his suffering within the unhealthy activities.

jeremy is not out of the pantry regarding being bisexual. it does take him a moment to help you admit they are keen on boys along with gals. if/whenever he could be in the a relationship with one – specifically while in the high school – the guy doesn’t want as personal about it. immediately following they are aside it is a different sort of facts.

Name: Liam Henry Valentine Celia Anne Valenine Moniker(s): nothing Delivery Big date: Summer twenty-two, 1999 Intercourse: cismale (he/him) cisfemale (she/her) Orientation: bisexual each other Profession: senior high school older, Celia is actually a beneficial slayer Face Allege: Alex Fitzalan Carlson More youthful

as i carry out rp jeremy due to the fact a hunter person in the new brotherhood of your five, i do not rp him passing away to wake up silas (perhaps not 100%). i rp him which have vampire bloodstream in his program when katherine nourishes him so you’re able to silas thus he will get a beneficial vampire. i don’t understand yet whoever blood is during his program as he are became.

Liam Celia Valentine

Species: dhampir Experiences: Liam provides the earliest show away from good vampire Celia since integration abilities from a good vampire a slayer as it is their destiny as willow a good slayer.

Developed toward Buffy’s 17th birthday celebration, an identical night Angel forgotten their heart during the a moment out of natural pleasure. A couple of months afterwards, in advance of Buffy got sacrificed Angel to place Acathla back in their sleep state, she found out she is two-and-a-half days expecting. Immediately after she slain angel and ran away to los angeles she’d educated the full term maternity which have twins. She would viewed pieces of Angel both in of these when she held her or him within health. understanding she wasn’t prepared to end up being a mommy, and you will starting to learn to look after herself. the parents that followed new twins know that supernatural globe stayed, that they had known their former watcher, merrick, and you will were trying to keeps babies. the happy couple were not successful and you may was indeed informed they wouldn’t be able getting youngsters of one’s own, so they implemented buffy’s twins. buffy got generated you to demand after they agreed to embrace the fresh new twins, buffy have got to let them have names. she would requested why these will be their simply chance to possess people. buffy never think she’d actually alive for a lengthy period to visit college, aside from ever have the opportunity in order to elizabeth the kids she would developed with her first love. She called the kid Liam, immediately following Angel, and you may she entitled this lady Celia, adopting the cousin she’d spotted die whenever she is a kid. the new romantic days celebration accessible to the latest women’s request, allowing this lady title the children. it realized the fresh new tales of your own slayer, exactly how short their life fundamentally are, they wanted their to have some link with the youngsters she was stopping getting use.

Expanding upwards in the La, Liam and you will Celia was close to its adoptive mothers, not even knowing when they was young which they was used. This new Romantic days celebration remaining that they implemented new twins a key away from them, advising anyone as much as her or him to not let the twins see. One because of their individual defense they were better off being unsure of that they was implemented. It understood whenever Liam and Celia revealed that they was implemented, they would search because of their physiological mothers, hence perform place them at risk. This new Romantic days celebration and additionally leftover a virtually eye toward both college students, as the youngsters away from a great vampire, to see what they’d have the ability to.

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